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Class with screenwriter Mark Clompus this September

September 12th - 16th we're running our new course: 'Writing, Recording and Editing Narrative'

Mark Clompus and I have been working together for years on various versions of this short course while working at UAL, and we've distilled this down to a 5 day iteration which offers almost everything we would normally teach to undergraduate students over a whole semester. You learn the basics of storytelling through character and structure, and we look at how the 'sound world' of a character can be used to enrich and help drive a narrative forward. At the same time you will learn how to record voice and edit audio from a standing start. You'll understand what makes a good recording, the principles and mechanics of digital audio, how to create seamless edits, mix a multitude of elements together and mix all of this into something compelling to listen to.

By the end of the week you will have written recorded and edited a short piece of narrative and have principles under your belt which you can go on to use in your creeative practice, whatever the genre you're working. You'll need to bring a laptop to work on, but everything else is provided. Find out more and book a place here...

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